6 Hours of Disco

October 6th

9AM – 3PM

Registration begins at 7:30, all riders must attend the riders meeting at 8:30.

Discovery Ski Area

Eventbrite - 6 Hours of Disco

A lap format race lasting 6 hours plus one lap.  It will start and end in front of Discovery Ski Lodge. Finishers with the most laps wins, Finishers with the same number of laps will then go by time (or first over the start finish line).  

If a Finisher comes across any time before 6 hours they will be allowed to go out for one more lap. Example: A rider comes across the line at 5:59, they can finish another lap, if somebody comes across at 6:00 they are finished.


Solo Male

Solo Female

Two Person

Three Person

It will be at discretion to add categories based on entries. Example we have 10 Two Person teams with a Male and Female, we may add a Two Person Mixed Class, etc. I feel 4 classes will be enough to start.

Start at 9:00 A.M. Finish will be at finish will be at 3:00 P.M. plus one lap.

Eventbrite - 6 Hours of Disco