Trail Signage

In coordination with our local government and partners, the Anaconda Trail Society has developed a wayfinding plan connecting the various trails running through town, including the Washoe Park trail, as well as the Upper and Lower Old Works trails. We would like to give a big shout out to our fiscal agent, the Anaconda Community Foundation, who awarded us a grant that is helping ATS make this project a reality. We are excited about this opportunity to help residents and visitors get out and enjoy the amazing trails we already have here in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County!

The Anaconda-Crackerville Greenway

The Anaconda Trail Society continues to pursue development of the Anaconda-Crackerville Greenway – a game-changing trail that would connect Anaconda-Deer Lodge County to the Butte Greenway Service District. We are dying to make this connection a reality, as it would effectively provide alternative transportation routes between the communities of Anaconda, Crackerville, Fairmont, Warmsprings, Rocker, and Butte.

In the Winter of 2013, ATS began working with the Arrowhead Foundation on easement negotiations with private landowners, which eventually led to the submission of an application to Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP)’s Recreational Trails Program (RTP) in the Spring of 2014. Though our application was not successful, ATS was strongly encouraged to reapply in 2015. We continue to cruise right along with the project and cannot wait to try, try again!

“The Loop” Anaconda Urban Bike Transportation Network

Transportation Alternatives Program, Montana Department of Transportation ATS is working with Anaconda-Deer Lodge County as the local sponsor on a grant application for the Anaconda Urban Bike Transportation Network. ATS has proposed a project consistent with the County Parks and Trails Master Plan that would establish wayfinding signage and bike routes via a shared lane system, whereby vehicles and bikes share a travel lane. Signage and road markings would clearly establish shared road space and bike route. Shared lane arrows, or “sharrows,” would be used to indicate to road users the proper lateral positioning of bicyclists within the travel lane, which would be the right most portion of the lane outside of the parking lane. Use of “sharrows” increases separation between motor vehicles and bicyclists, encourages cyclists to ride outside the door zone of the parking lane, and helps reduce wrong-way cycling. See our proposed route map and image of a “sharrow” marking below. Read more in the Montana Standard Article.